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Week In Pictures –

My daughter, the carnivore.

My parents talk about how I used to devour a t-bone. My daughter takes after me, here as she makes short work of a rib.


My sick girl.

This week Gracie had croup and a respiratory infection. Luckily, she had Mama, a handknit blanket, and the comfort of the Addams Family to keep her company.

Holiday Confusion

Gracie and I had to stop and get some medicine at the local drugstore. Clearly, they had some confusion about what holiday they were decorating for.

"We're watching YOU!"

I took this on my phone. It’s kind of a long story, but I was trying to cheer up the girls, so we were “spying” on our neighbors, who were spies. I “sent” this to them to let them know we were on to them. The girls were delighted and hysterically giggling that I had “sent” this to them.

It's raining, it's pouring...

The skies opened up on Wednesday and the rain rain rain came down down down. So odd, as it was so sunny the day before. Gracie and I had to go shopping for a waterproof coat for her, the poor dear. The other kids loved the fact that it was raining, because it felt like Fall, for a change.

All week, Gracie's face was mostly hidden as she coughed.

I realize this isn’t the most flattering photo of my child, and if she ever finds it someday, she might be annoyed with me, but this is the face of a little girl who couldn’t stop coughing all week. This was at the Target pharmacy after the second doctor visit of the week.

In the meantime, Maddie was at the zoo, in the charge of my friend Annie, thankfully. I got little photo updates all day to let me know she was having a good time.

“I cried a little at the beginning. I thought you were hiding from me. When I realized you had to stay home with Gracie I was sad, but my friend helped me feel better.”

creepy soccer practice sky

Raisin' funds like we're raisin' the roof!

"Say say, oh playmate."

Girl in a tree.


Playing soccer is hard work.

It’s been a long week, and I see that this week has the potential to be similar. Let’s hope it’s at least not plagued with sick children.

Happy Sunday, folks!

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