I Scream, You Scream, You Know The Drill…

I Scream, You Scream, You Know The Drill…

I’m a simple girl. I like simple things. It doesn’t take a lot of diamonds and furs and caviar and private jets and daily massages (okay, wait, I’ll take the daily massages) to keep me happy. Just give me some love and something sweet and I’m usually pretty happy.

Living in California – Southern California more specifically- it’s warm here much of the time. So while other places reserve cold confections for summertime, we can eat ice cream ANYTIME, and as you can see by all the photos we have of all five of us eating ice cream through the years, we do it often.

I’m sure there are baby books out there that tell you not to give your 8 month old baby ice cream.

There’s a mom at my former preschool who used to preach about the evils of junk food. This post would either make her faint, or call Child Protective Services on us. (Though I’m pretty sure on a day like today when it’s 90 despite being almost October, they’d sit down and pull up a chair as I’d offer them a nice cold scoop.)

(No judging me on this picture above, by the way… I’m with child. )

We love ice cream so much in our family that we gave it up for Lent last year. Let me tell you – it was tough. It was good being in it together, though, and the day after Easter we got ice cream and enjoyed every last lick.

Because it’s ice cream weather here 75% of the time, we’ve become adventurous, and we’re not picky. We’re equal opportunity frozen confection eaters.

We’ll eat soft serve at Legoland,


cones at the Penguin’s near the pediatrician’s office,

free Ben & Jerry’s at the L.A. Festival of Books,


gourmet ice cream sandwiches from the food truck festival,

Cold Stone Creamery,

a teeny little mom and pop shop near Zion, Utah,

the freezer at the local car wash,

root beer floats at the new gourmet ice cream shop in town,

or even


our summertime ice cream lady, The Ice Princess.

Wow. Actually looking at that smattering of photos makes me think we need an intervention!

But really, it’s ice cream.

It’s got calcium.

It’s got protein.

It’s refreshing.

It’s delicious.

Someone named Don Kardong once said, “Without ice cream, there is darkess and chaos.” I don’t know who he is, but I like his thinking!

So in the words of Ross Geller (or was it Chandler Bing?), “Grab a Spoon!”

One thought on “I Scream, You Scream, You Know The Drill…

  1. Love this post, and love ice cream too. I also have a ton of it in my freezer…different kinds, buckets, sandwiches, rolo, etc. yummy.

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