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I Like Kisses

I admit it. I like kisses. Big kisses, little kisses, sloppy kisses, little pecks. I like kisses on the forehead, kisses on the cheek, and when I can’t get anything else, I’ll take kisses blown at me from a distance.

I’m one of those moms who needs to kiss my kids before they run off to class. So sue me.

Thank goodness, my kids don’t mind. In fact, they seem to need it, too. I know my days are probably numbered before they shrug me off and run the other way, or have me drop them off a block away, so I relish these days. I LOVE that they are still okay with giving their old mom a kiss and a hug goodbye before they go to school.

I suppose I’m what you would call an “involved” mother. I have the luxury of staying at home right now (and teaching jobs are just not out there) so I can use my time to volunteer in the class. I spend 4 mornings a week in the class and help with homework check-in, small groups, and individual work. Some moms have told me they think this is a lot. Some moms are at school even more than I am. I enjoy it because I’m not able to teach right now and I like working with kids. I also like physically being in my kids’ classrooms, even if I don’t get to work with my own child, which is the case most of the time. (Another perk? The look on my kids’ faces when I walk in the door. Their sheer happiness at having me there makes it all worth it.)

I have to say, though, that one of my very most favorite times of the day is when I pick them up from school. I don’t know if my husband quite understands this, as he’s been the drop-off parent for years now, and it’s not quite the same dropping them off as it is picking them up. When you drop them off, they give you a kiss and hug and walk away. They’re going off to start their long day at school – to spend in the care of other adults and to spend time with peers and friends. At pick-up, they’re so happy to be going home. At pick up, they’re delighted to see me and know that we’re getting out of Dodge.

They still hug me when they see me at pick up time. I’ll never forget last year, when Sean came bounding out of the school building and practically tackled me. One of the moms in Gracie’s second grade class commented on how nice it was that my son still hugged me, because her sons stopped doing so in second grade. I was sad for her. Granted, I know not every kids is touchy-feely. For that matter, not every MOM is touchy-feely. Luckily for me, my kids are and they know that I am and so far, they haven’t cut me off. At least not yet.

So before the tweens or the teens may cause them to forget the way they used to tackle me after school and before they decide that being seen in public with me is a serious mark against their coolness, I’ll relish every last hug and every last kiss.


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  1. I have to say… my dog regards her kisses as a significant contribution to our relationship. Time to wake up? Doggy kisses. Feed me? Doggy kisses. Daddy’s feeling sad? I’ll make it better with my Doggy kisses.
    I don’t care if some think its gross; for me its the purist form of my dog expressing love.

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