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Religious Experience

Over the summer, Wayne and I went to an architectural salvage shop in town and bought a church pew. Yes, a church pew. When we bought it, it looked like this:

It was 18 feet long, and we somehow had to get it home.

So, Wayne tied it up to the car, but then we had to get it off the car.

And then it sat in our driveway until we found somewhere better to put it.

With the help of a skateboard, we were able to put it in the backyard, and Wayne cut it in half, and started working on it.

We left it in the backyard for a bit, and let the kids sit on it.

But then Wayne realized that he needed to refinish it before the weather got bad. So, he sanded it.

And stained it. And varnished it.

And we brought it in the house.

We decided it was too squished next to the piano, so we moved the piano.

I think it looks pretty good, myself. And somehow adds a little spirit to the room.


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  1. Nice Blog
    Please drop by on my blog site

  2. Hey! I like it! Add some comfy, colorful pillows? I can envision patchwork, vintage, etc. Would be fun to let the kids pick out some fabric and maybe busy mom could whip up some simple pillows… I’ve seen shorter church pews and would love to have one.

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