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I Can Smell Them From Here

The apples, that is! It’s Fall, so it’s Apple Picking Time again!! This has become an annual tradition for our family since the kids looked like this:

They have a Colonial theme, as you can see. We took a guided tour, where we were shown how to pick the apples, churn butter, milk cows, and make cider.

And attempted a picture of my pumpkin in the patch.

The next year, I was about to give birth to Maddie, so Wayne took my dad and the kids.

Sometimes it’s c-c-cold and foggy.

Half the fun is letting Daddy lift us as high as he can to reach the best apples.

And sometimes, we get lucky enough to capture the perfect holiday card photo.


Over the years, the kids get bigger…

And the kinds of apples might vary…

And the weather might change, but overall, it’s become a tradition we all look forward to. We’ve made some fantastic memories with the kids in the orchards over the years – memories I hope they’ll take with them forever.



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