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Too Hot, Baby

Wow. It is HOT. It was over 100 degrees today. Maddie’s first grade class went outside to measure the temperature and it was 104. Their air conditioning broke and it was over 90 in the room. When I got to the class to pick her up, everyone was sweaty – poor kids (and poor teacher!).

When it’s this hot, Maddie always has the answer – ice cream! And I can’t say that I disagree with her.

I mean, just look at these poor, hot, melting children.

So we headed up to a gourmet ice cream place in town. Maddie (well, and me, too) is the only one who ended up getting anything – she’s got a more sophisticated palate than the other two, honestly.

Happy girl with ice cream.

For the other two kids, we went through the McDonald’s drive thru for frozen lemonade.

After all, nothing beats a cold treat on a hot day!


What do you do to keep cool?



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