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Fun Friday

I was watching “Wife Swap” and one family started doing something called “Fun Friday” where the previously vegan children could eat whatever they wanted and do fun stuff with their parents each Friday. I thought it would be nice to have Fun Fridays every now and then. Probably not every Friday, but on Fridays where I’m a) busy b) tired or c) have a hellacious headache, Fun Fridays it will be!

Today’s Fun Friday is me sharing some cool things I like with you. Mostly in the form of music or dance.

I’m not usually a hip-hop kind of gal, but I love this song, because of this dance:

The original was by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

And Frankie Valli sang “Our Song” if you will…

(Just the first song, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” I used the “Jersey Boys” version because a) it was fun and b) we saw the show together and it was great!)

Of course, Jersey Boys reminds me of another musical about a fictional group. I saw this show 3 or 4 times, and even went on stage to play piano with them. It was amazing!

Here’s a trailer for the movie of the show. (I had no idea they did this.) Fascinatingly enough, the guy playing “Frankie” was Bob Gaudio in Jersey Boys when we saw it. Smudge was my favorite and boy did I have a crush on David Engel. *sigh* (Side note: I saw 3 members of the cast in the audience of the Groundlings a year or so later. I said hello and that I’d been in one of their shows and they said, “You’re the one with all the brothers!” Happiness. Also, everyone who went on stage with them got to do a special event in a piano shop where we all played “Heart and Soul” together.) ***

And, we seem to have come around in a circle now, so I’ll stop here.

Have a fabulous holiday weekend, folks! I hope that music or dance or both are a part of it!


***I do have photographic proof of this, and will endeavor to find it and post it when I do!!


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