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I’m trying something new this week. I follow several blogs that take one day out of the week to be “wordless” and just post one (or sometimes several) photos, without captions. I don’t think I’m ready for that big step just yet (the wordless part – if you’ve noticed, I like to chat). But, I’ve thought about doing a “week in photos” type of post for awhile now, so here goes.

Sunday, we went to a baseball game with an old friend. Scott and I were friends in jr. high and high school, and hadn’t seen each other in about 14 years. He lives in Las Vegas, but came out to CA for the week, and started it off with a Dodger game. I’m so glad he asked us along – it was great fun to see him and catch up, to see his all-grown-up daughter, and introduce him to my kids, and to see a game to boot!

On Monday, Gracie and I finished knitting some accessories for her doll.


On Tuesday, we had swimming lessons, and Maddie wasn’t too sure she was going to put her face in (she did).

On Wednesday, we had lunch with Daddy, which is a rare, Summer-only treat.

And that evening I met up with Suzanne, a friend of mine in from DC.

On Thursday, someone jumped off the diving board for the first time.

On Friday, Wayne took the day off and took Sean and a friend to the movies, and we went to lunch. The kids got to sit by themselves, while Wayne and I sat at the next booth. The bigger kids loved this idea… it took Maddie a bit to warm up to the idea.


Saturday we headed to the apple store to get a new laptop for me. While I talked to the apple guy, Jason, the kids played with with the ipad2s.


I’ll add one more of Saturday. We ate dinner outside on the patio, and it was lovely.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Here’s to having another great week!!



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