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I’m not a neat person.

I mean, I’m groovy, sure. But neat? No. This will come as no surprise to most people who know me, but I feel badly that at the age I am, with 3 children, I’m not a neat person. I’ve gone through neater phases of my life, I suppose, but it’s been quite a while since my house was company ready every day.

Luckily, my friends are pretty fantastic and understand this about me. (Heck, I even have some who’ve volunteered to help straighten up.) It’s not something I’m proud of, though, and I think I even have lost a friend or two over the years because I never invited them over to the house.

I don’t know what finally got me motivated – was I just fed up? Was I tired of the kids leaving toys all over the house? Was I tired of my own embarrassment over the papers piled up on my dining room table? Was I tired of not feeling able to have playdates or friends over for dinner? Was I inspired by the Bradys? (Although, if I had an Alice of my own, surely my house would be clean all the time.)

Perhaps it’s a combination of all of the above, but I’m sick of it, and I’m going to do something about it.

So, Operation Overhaul is underway. These things may not seem monumental to anyone but me, but I’m listing them anyway.

Monday I mopped the dining room floor, and dusted my bedroom floor and threw out a bunch of stuff.

Wednesday I changed the girls’ sheets, cleaned the bathroom, and mopped the kitchen floor (at midnight, on my hands and knees).

Thursday was my super day. After taking the kids to swimming lessons, and taking them to lunch, I cleaned off the dining room table (aka catch-all for every piece of paper in the house), vacuumed the living room and cleaned it up, changed our sheets and Sean’s, had a meeting at my semi-clean house, reorganized all the hair do-dads in the house (and believe me… there are a TON), and baked cookies. (My husband almost had a heart attack, and I told him not to get too used to days like that.)

Today, my parents are coming up. Not so much for a visit, but for an overhaul. My mom (aka – the organizer), wants to clear out my closets in the hallway to make room for more stuff that has no place to go.

Like my yarn stash.

This is about 1/2

So, today we organize. We toss out stuff we don’t need. We give away toys the kids don’t play with. We de-clutter. We re-arrange.

We won’t be done today, but we’ll have made a dent, and hopefully, soon, the whole house will be neat, tidy, and organized. My vow to myself is to keep it this way.


Do you keep a neat and tidy, always-ready-for-company house?

What are your secrets for keeping everything in it’s place?

How do you train your kids to do the same?

I really want to hear your ideas!!



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  1. I do not have any ideas. I blogged about this yesterday because it’s a huge issue for me.

    If your organizey mom wants to head to Mississippi, she can do my closets.

  2. Do you keep a neat and tidy, always-ready-for-company house? ahahahahahaha. No. I have lots of pop ins too and I’m always horrified, but I work full time and I’m just freaking tired by the time I have time to clean. So I just don’t care.

    What are your secrets for keeping everything in it’s place? One thing that has cut down ENORMOUSLY on our clutter is moving the kids toys into one area of the house. We have a few in the family room, but most are in a closet in the basement. Now when they bring something up, they have to bring it down before they can get something else. It has worked wonders. The other is getting rid of stuff they don’t play with. sure, they will cry and whine when they see it and all of the sudden but in general I just don’t care. The other thing I’ve done is get binders with pocket folders for each kid and all of their school stuff. Art, works, handbooks, etc go in there. That helps with the weekly pile of crap I have from them. I also have baskets to put the mail in or papers we need to keep. Our study needs a huge overhaul right now though for paper organization.

    How do you train your kids to do the same? ahahahahahahahahahaha. *wipes tears of laughter from my face* Umm, my kids are freaking savages when it comes to cleaning.

  3. I am sort of in the middle on the “neatness.” I used to be a neat freak and had panic attacks over this issue. I have learned to let a lot go. Nowadays, I tend to straighten things up daily…and really clean once a week. I tackle one room at a time. Less intimidating.

    As far as training kids. Phhhht…I have one daughter that is a piggy and another that is a neat freak. I think it comes down to personality, not necessarily training. LOL. My girls used to share a bedroom too. Imagine the arguments. Luckily the oldest daughter has since moved out on her own. My youngest neat daughter is now in her own room. I used to threaten to take away gadgets (cell phones, laptops, etc) if the girls did not clean their room. That doesn’t work usually. As far as helping in other areas of the house…I gave each daughter some chores. I even made a chart on the fridge to keep track of who does what. My oldest daughter was responsible for taking out the trash when it was full. My youngest has to take out the recycle. They have other minor chores like emptying the dishwasher, sweep kitchen, etc. After a while..they do their chores on their own, since they know it will be the same daily, or every other day. My youngest daughter still lives at home. If she wants her allowance (which is important to a 15 yr old) she is doing her chores.

    Sorry to be so long-winded. πŸ™‚ Happy weekend!

  4. When your mom is done with your closets, can you please send her over to my house?

  5. robinandamelia

    I try to stay neat and tidy and organized, but it doesn’t always work! When I moved I got rid of A LOT of stuff, a much needed purging of stuff! Trying not to let it accumulate again.

  6. I use . That site keeps me motivated even though I don’t follow everything. But most of her advice works. Especially tackling clutter 15 minutes a day.

    It also doesn’t help I absolutely hate to clean! But that’s an entirely different post all together!

  7. Thanks, ladies! The day was very successful and my closets look fantastic, as does Sean’s room. My room and the girls’ room hasn’t been overhauled yet, however, and is next on the agenda! I may need to post my new home for my yarn stash! lol

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