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Trivial Tuesday – podcasts

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I haven’t done a Trivial Tuesday post in awhile. Trivial Tuesday is when I post about something that isn’t terribly relevant or thought-provoking (not that every one of my other blogs post is…), but where I post about something I like that you might want to check out.

In the past I’ve posted about Dancing With the Stars and The Vampire Diaries. Today, I’m going to share some podcasts I listen to.

I think I first got into podcast-listening when I started reading Twilight  and someone recommended one to me. I tried several that I wasn’t impressed with, before finding Imprint. These guys and gals weren’t just teenagers, giggling about Edward. They discussed more about the stories, the character, the books, the events, and the movies. They’re part of the same group that does Mugglecast, which I immediately started listening to after finding Imprint. Mugglecast, as you can guess, is a Harry Potter podcast.

As with most podcasts, you might want to start at the beginning with those two and you’ll make your way through the books, movies, etc.

After I started watching LOST, I figured there MUST be a podcast or two out there for the show. Boy, was I wrong. There are TONS of podcasts for LOST. Ones I listen to most often were The Lost Podcast With Jay and Jack . They’re doing a rewatch, so if you’ve seen every episode and want to do a re-watch, find their first post (in Sept 2010) or go back even further for their first time around. Another great LOST podcast was The Transmission, done by a husband and wife team. Now that LOST is over, they have a more general pop culture podcast called Popspotting.

My brother, Terry, suggested I try listening to the Kevin Pollak Chat Show. Yes, Kevin Pollak the actor. He interviews other actors and comedians and industry people, and it’s a great, laid back, fun show. Beware of the F-bomb, so it’s not safe for listening with children.

Finally, I’ve been listening to a podcast called Too Beautiful To Live with Luke Burbank. I first heard him on a segment on KPCC public radio. He always made me laugh, so I looked up his podcast. It’s silly most of the time, but sometimes very relevant. I laugh a lot. It’s mostly just lighthearted good fun.

So, those are my recommendations for today.

What podcasts do you listen to? Please share them! I love trying new things!!


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