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In Defense of Knitting

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Hear me out! Before you shake your head, make that “tsk”-y sound with your tongue, and click away from this page because a) you don’t knit b) you think knitting is for grannies or c) you don’t care, give me a few minutes of your time.

First off, knitting isn’t just for gray-haired grannies or your kooky aunt with all the cats. Knitting is for people of all ages – not just for women, either!

Not only men knit (there are several groups for men on Ravelry, with thousands of men who knit and crochet), but young, hip people knit. In fact, one of the designers from my book is hip – she’s in the Roller Derby.

How cool is she?

(In fact, Toni has a book coming out in February called Knits for Nerds. Look for it at Amazon!!)

You can knit sexy things!

Another one of my designers has a book:

And she designed a beautiful corset for Vampire Knits.

(In fact, there are several sexy items in Vampire Knits.)

Beyond that, if you learn to knit, you’re learning a new skill. You can knit yourself a blanket, hat, scarves, sweaters, or socks. If you never get very good at, you can at least do scarves, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. You can find a group to knit with and make new friends OR find friends you already have that know how to knit – or teach them to knit.

A friend and I just started up a small, yet growing, group of knitters. Yesterday we had our first gathering in a park, and gave lessons to two people (and two crocheters).

Even the kids got in on it, which makes it a family affair!

(This helps if you have to bring your kids along with you to knitting group. Get them to play with yarn, too, and it’s a win-win for everyone!)

Not only can it foster relationships and be useful and relaxing and fun, you can also use knitting in a pinch, in real life situations.

Exhibit A:

Plus, there’s a ton of really cool things you can do with knitting!Β  Like this, called “Yarn Bombing”


So, here’s my PSA. Give knitting a break. Don’t dismiss it as something “your grandmother would do.” Look around – you may even know knitters and didn’t realize it. When you see knitting friends, try asking what they’re working on. Not only will it spark up a conversation, but you’ll most likely make a knitter smile, which is never a bad thing. After all – they might teach you to knit, or knit you something nice if you ask.


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  1. a car cozy! that’s what i need πŸ™‚

  2. YES! Knit Power!! I saw a yarn bomb once that said: “Knit or Die” … maybe a bit extreme, but it made me smile. πŸ™‚

  3. You’re inspiring me to pick up my needles! I never really got the hang of it, but I so love the items in your book that I’d be willing to try again.

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