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Girlhood Crushes

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Every girl goes through it, don’t they? Posters on their walls, daydreams about meeting celebrity crushes, giggle sessions with girlfriends. I don’t know if boys go through it as much as girls do. I do know a lot of guys who had THE Farrah Fawcett poster, but I don’t know if they had crushes so much as they were just horny teenaged boys.

I was as young as first grade when I had my first crushes. I remember a kid named Todd in my class who I thought was adorable. He had long, feathered hair, and he looked like a miniature Shaun Cassidy whom, along with his Partridge-Family brother David, were my first crushes.

How adorable are they?

Not long after that came Andy Gibb. I even had a t-shirt with his face on it. I only wish I could find the picture of me wearing it.

Can you see the trend? Well, it was the 70s after all. Feathered hair was the big thing, and all the cute boys had it! Haha!

I don’t remember really having another crush until I was in jr. high or high school. (Well, I had crushes on real life boys, but my celebrity crushes took a back seat to hanging out with friends for awhile.)

In the early 80s, there was Duran Duran. Specifically, John Taylor.

John's the one in the hat.

John’s the one in the hat.

My teenage years were riddled with celebrity crushes. My wall not only had photos of DD and JT, but also Wham! and this guy…

Rob Lowe looks better now than he did then. How is that possible?

Raise your hand if you had girlhood crushes like I did! I was listening to an interview with an author who wrote a book about loving a teen idol as a young girl and she said that she thought it was a safe way for young girls to “try out” love. None of these idols would ever reject us, because we won’t ever meet them. Saves the heartbreak we’re all sure to find as we head into the dating world.

My girls haven’t really started their journeys into girlhood crushes yet. I’m a little relieved that I don’t have to worry about Beiber Fever just yet, but I know the day will come, sooner than later. And when it does, I’ll remember to be patient with them as my parents were with me and my fragile young heart.


Ladies, who did YOU have a crush on?

Guys, did you have any crushes? I’d love to hear whether or not boys go through the same young love and heartache us young girls go through.


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  1. My first crush was Paul McCartney, in the first grade. Over the years, posters of Wham!, Poison, Def Leppard, and NKOTB graced my walls. By the time I started to appreciate good music, my poster days were over. 😉

    Now I just have music-related crushes on girl singers. Not sure what that says, since I still dig penis.

  2. Oh, I loved Duran Duran, back in the day. I was certainly a Duranie. I loved Simon LeBon.

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  4. Mine was Leif Garrett – read all about it here:

    My neighbor loved Duran Duran. I met them at a restaurant in Philly the day after Live Aid way back in the 80’s. I stole the cup he drank beer from and gave it to her. She was thrilled beyond belief. I still have the photo I took with him.

  5. Ok, the cup and photo were taken with Simon LeBon – I am not so dopey as to think Duran Duran was one dude. Awkward reply.

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