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A few months ago, my literary agent asked me if I had any new ideas for a book. That it would be a good time to go to the publishers with an idea while Vampire Knits was doing so well. I had two ideas that I thought were pretty darn good ones, and she took them to the publisher. They loved the first idea. In fact, they loved it so much they were already working with another author on something dangerously similar. They sort-of liked the second idea, but wondered if I had any others.

Now, when I sat down and wrote the first book, it wasn’t because I thought it would be published. It was for fun. I had dreams that it would be published some day, but I was so far away from it actually becoming a reality, I was doing it for the sheer fun and love of the idea itself. Add to that, I had several designers who were equally as enthusiastic, and it was a piece of cake.

Once I was asked to come up with other ideas, that was tough.

I became obsessed with trying to find new ideas for knitting projects or themes. I looked in the grocery store. I looked in the mall. I looked at the moms walking around the school at pick-up. I looked on the internet for a gap that I could fill (have you ever looked for something that WASN’T there? It’s impossible.). I looked in the yarn shops. I looked on tv and in movies. I looked in nature. I looked at the gym, for crying out loud.

My gym, inspirational for fitness, not for knitting.

I’d run ideas past my husband, past friends, past my hairdresser. I’d run ideas past my agent, and even my trainer at the gym. Tons of suggestions came my way. None of them inspired me to do anything.

So, I let it sit. I decided I had some time to figure things out. My agent was moving and taking some time off, and lots of people in the publishing field are on vacation, so I figured I’d relax and give myself some time to quiet my mind, and maybe something would come to me.

Last week we got back from vacation, and I got a little nagging feeling that was beginning to take shape. It grew to an idea, and I nurtured it and gave it room to grow, and soon it became constant in my thoughts. Inspiration came to me in something my family was doing together. Inspiration came in something that reminded me of my youth, and of simpler times. I don’t know if when I flesh it out it will become my next big project, or if it’ll be turned down by the powers that be. I do know that I’m finally excited about something and I’m finally inspired.

Ready to get my knit on!


My question is what inspires YOU? When you’re looking for an answer to a question, or a creative project, or an idea for work or home, where do you look? Where’s the most unusual or most mundane place you’ve found inspiration?



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  1. Oh, I get inspired by a lot of things. Lyrics to songs, magazines, TV, books, the current style, etc. I usually create what I like…and then hope others will like it too. Sometimes I am inspired by the yarn itself. It just varies…I am crossing fingers on new ideas. let me know if I can help, of course. 🙂

  2. Music, for sure. Everyday mundane stuff inspires me. So I photograph it. Or talk about it endlessly. 🙂

    I hope they love your idea, and am beyond curious to what it is!

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