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Who is Genevieve Miller?

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I’m “stealing” this idea from Dan Pearce of Single Dad Laughing. However, it’s something I’ve done before, and thought about doing for a blog post, so there it is. I’m borrowing the idea. (Sounds better than stealing, right?)

I Google myself. There. I said it. I’ve looked myself up on the interwebs. Or at least my name. The name Genevieve isn’t THAT common, but Miller is, so I didn’t know what I’d find. Turns out there’s over 6 million results for the name “genevieve miller” on google and almost 2 million on bing. Also, what I find in a regular search vs. an image search is interesting.Β  Let’s meet some other Genevieves.

The results:

From Google websearch:

The first 5 results bring back this.

The first, second, and fourth results are me. The third and fifth aren’t. In fact, here’s the 5th:

Genevieve Miller

When I do a Google image search, we get this:

My photo comes in 11th. Not horrible, I suppose. I wonder who these other Genevieves are and what their lives are like. TheΒ  brunette who appears in many of the pictures is the first Genevieve in the bing web search.

Now, on bing, it’s a little different. The images for Genevieve Miller are these:

My book cover appears twice in the first 15, and my scarf design as well, but my actual mug doesn’t make it until around 48 or so. This is with search set to “strict” because apparently there’s a model who poses half nude named Genevieve. Go figure.

bing’s web search gets us this:

I show up 6th, or at least my book does, and my own website. Could be worse. I’m absolutely fascinated by the other Genevieves – I see the musician again, plus a recruiter of some kind (she’s the brunette in the google image search), and one who calls herself “Nikki” which is a little different. Or perhaps her band is called “Just…Nikki” although I can’t tell just by looking at the myspace page.

I’ve also learned that there’s a Genevieve Miller Library in Hitchcock, Texas. Perhaps if we ever get to any of the National Parks in Texas, I’ll have to look it up. πŸ™‚

What do you get when you google yourself? What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever come up on a search for yourself?


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  1. My name is pretty unusual. I search my full name and almost all of the results are me in some form or another. I search for just “rilana” and I get all kinds of wacky things. I learned there is a “porn girl” with my first name. It was a shocker a few years ago when I looked my name up. I saw a horse with my first name, a dog, etc. Gotta love that.

    I rarely google myself. There are just things I don’t want to know. πŸ™‚

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