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It’s Summertime!!

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Well, we’re finally on summer vacation! I think we were the last school district still having classes this far into June, but we’re out now. I find myself conflicted, because it’s been a great year for the kids and I’ve really loved their teachers – and being in their classrooms. Knowing that the year is over also means my kids are getting older. There’s something so bittersweet about my little baby wearing a graduation cap.

Maddie was 4 when she entered kindergarten. I toiled for just a bit about whether or not she was ready, feeling in my gut and my heart that she was, despite knowing that the trend these days is keeping kids back a year and most kindergarten kids turning 6 in kindergarten. Luckily, my gut was right and she thrived. Not only did she thrive academically, but socially as well. She has lots of friends, and enjoyed performing in front of groups – including her first ballet performance to a packed house of 1300!

Knowing she’s passed the milestone of kindergarten and is ready to move up in the world of elementary school just reminds me that she is growing much too rapidly for my taste, and before I know it she’ll be in 2nd, 4th, 6th, 10th grade…

Speaking of second graders, Gracie is moving up to 3rd grade. Sigh. This has been such an amazing year for her! After kindergarten, her best friends (twins) moved across the country. When she started first grade, she met some new friends and joined Brownies, which helped her meet even more girls. She did well all year, but was still a bit on the shy side. This year her teacher spoke to me about how she would like her to participate more in class. The teacher and I both encouraged her to do so, and over the course of the year, not only did she raise her hand in class more, but she was given a speaking part in the big second grade performance, and was given the biggest part in her class’s space production in May. She’s become closer to some friends in her class and made some new friends, and I know that 3rd grade will be a great year for her!

As my girls are getting older, so is my son. In fact, he’s entering his LAST year in our elementary school. Once 5th grade is over, he moves to the BIG middle school a mile away. I’m trying not to have a panic attack when I think about him being in a place where there will be lockers and gym class. I still have a ways to go in my zen with that. (Not  to mention that the middle school has been torn down and all the kids are in portables right now… keeping our fingers crossed it’ll be built by the time he’s there.) Over all, he had a great year, despite some growing pains with friends. He surprises me all the time, like when he asked to be in the show this year. He’s coming out of his shell and enjoying performing more, which makes me happy. I think by the time he’s done with 5th grade, he’ll be ready for the big bad world of middle school! (deep breaths)

So, before they move on to their bigger adventures, we’ve got some time off. Time to sleep in, to play outdoors, to swim, to make up games, to read, to stay in jammies all day. We have time to meet friends, eat ice cream, and go on road trips.

Happy Summer!!


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