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Good, Bad, & Ugly

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I’m sick and not feeling particularly loquacious, so I’m bringing back Good, Bad, & Ugly for today. Hoping I feel up to writing more tomorrow.


The Good – School’s almost out! The weather is beautiful, I’ve been taking big steps in controlling my headaches, and I’ve even been (gasp) cleaning up around here. We had a lovely time on Sunday. We saw an old friend from my Universal days, which was GREAT, we celebrated my daughter’s birthday and went to American Girl. (I have to say, I love the dolls almost as much as my girls do.) The kids have less homework since it’s the end of the year, and it’s just generally lovely, and exciting to plan for the summer.

Gorgeous weather


The Bad – I feel like junk. I’ve had a cold for a week, my sinuses hurt, my throat is killing me, and I just feel crappy. I’m ready to be better. Add to that I don’t know if I should see a doctor or just ride it out. Blah. All these steps to help my headaches and I don’t know if they’re working, because my illness is giving me pain. The hell?


The ugly – My eye is disgusting. I thought I had pink eye, but I’ve been taking 2 courses of drops over the last 5 days and one half of my left eye remains DARK red. As my son said, “It’s like you colored it in with a red marker!” It’s like half of me has gone to the dark side. šŸ˜¦ My next step I suppose is to see the doc, or an eye doc. I wear sunglasses all the time, because it’s seriously disturbing.Ā  I’d post a picture for you, but I don’t want to make anyone sick to their stomach.

There you have it. My good, bad, and ugly. Feel free to post yours in the comments! šŸ™‚



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  1. Could you have burst a blood vessel? I did that once.

  2. I hope that you will be feeling better soon. šŸ˜€

  3. robinandamelia

    Hope you figure out what’s wrong with the eye! Feel better soon šŸ™‚

  4. Thanks, ladies! Eye doctor took a really indepth look and says a) I’m at the tail end of an eye infection and b) I’ve burst a blood vessel from coughing so hard. šŸ˜›

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