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Light and Shade

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Len Goodman, one of the judges on Dancing With the Stars always tells the contestants that some dances must have light and shade. What he means is that it’s dramatic – not one note, but moments of lightness and darkness. Moments of happy, moments of drama or intensity.

These little people bring me light.

I learn more and more each day I’m on this earth that our lives are truly made up of light and shade. This week has been a perfect example of this. My moments of light have been lovely. I saw my baby dance and sing her heart out on stage today, not showing one ounce of stage fright, simply feeling the music and living in the moment. I got a visit from my oldest and dearest friend, visiting from Missouri. My kids told me I’m the best mom ever. I get to see my middle child shine tonight as she performs her “Earth” rap. I come to work in the school and all the kids warmly greet me – whether they’re in kindergarten or 5th grade.

And then there’s the shade. The darker moments. The unbearable headaches I’ve had this week that seem to be getting worse before getting better. The news I received that a fellow mom at our school passed away – a mom I just met this year who has 2 children who’ll never again get to tell their mom how school was, or that they love her.

It’s hard to imagine life with only light or only darkness. I hope we all have more light than shade, but I suppose without the darkness, the light can’t truly be appreciated. The trick is not to let the darkness envelop us, without letting it swallow us whole and to embrace and bathe in the light, looking forward to it whenever it shines down on us.


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  1. Hey Genevieve, since the sad news yesterday, i’m having trouble with the darkness. I’ve been on the verge of tears much of the past two days. I took my kids after school yesterday, we got into my bed and cried and told each other how much we love each other. It does make me appreciate all that I have and to help put life in perspective. Her poor children. Let me know if you hear of a way we can help the family, meals maybe? Take care. See you soon.

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