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It’s almost Summer Vacation time around here, and as such, it’s time to start planning and getting things in place for such an event. And it is an event. With 2 adults and 3 children and all we take with us, and the amount of time we’ll be stuck in a car together – it’s an event.

My husband has mapped out a route, we’ve made reservations to hotels and motels and rental houses and whatnot. We’ve bought tickets to a play the whole family will see. We’ve got parking passes for National Parks. The next step is to have the car checked out before we put her to work.

One of the things she’s getting (besides her regular maintenance) is new brakes and we need to update the navigation system. Last year we were driving in Arizona, and an entire community had been built since we bought our car, so there was no information on the map. The map literally thought it was wide open spaces. Since we rely heavily on this little wonder, it’s going to be important to get it taken care of before we embark on any journey into unknown territories.

Having our car upgraded made me start to think about all the upgrades I’d like to get on my body. Wouldn’t that be great if we went to a person mechanic and got everything taken care of in one shot? I need to see someone for my Thyroid issues. I may see someone for my foot, because I’ve been living with some pain for some time now. I still get headaches, and that’s another doctor I’d see. I could go on, but basically there’s not just one place we can go in for an overhaul. And nothing truly gets overhauled anyway. Not unless you go to a plastic surgeon, and even then it’s merely physical upgrades. Your insides aren’t affected by plastic surgery. It’d be like getting your old car detailed and repainted, but it still needs a new transmission, new brakes, new filters, and so forth.

Of course, if there really were such magical places to get upgrades, I’d get new hair that I didn’t have to color. I’d get a tummy I didn’t have to do crunches and ab exercises to get firm. I’d have a new head, so I wouldn’t get headaches anymore. I’d have feet that don’t hurt. I’d have the mechanic tweak things so I wouldn’t crave chocolate and things that are bad for me. I’d upgrade to a model of mom that would have a little more patience with her kids. For that matter, I’d upgrade to be someone who LIKED cleaning my house.

What would YOU upgrade?


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  1. I’d totally upgrade my midsection! I have a bit more twin skin and leftover chub than I care for!

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