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a : to give birth to
b : to give rise to : produce
: to care for or protect like a mother
Mother is a noun. We all know that. A mother is a female parent, according to the dictionary. You can become a mother by getting pregnant, adoption, fostering, or raising someone else’s child as your own.
Mother is also a verb. It’s dictionary definition is pretty cut and dry. No two mothers do it the same way. Some are very tender, some are more strict. Some are very permissive and hands-off, some are very controlling. Some are very involved. Some are really fun. Some moms stay home, some moms work outside the home. Some moms run a business from the home.
Some moms are young, some are old. Some planned to be mothers their whole lives, others made the decision once they got married, some never made the decision consciously before getting pregnant.
Some moms have one child. Some moms have 10 children. Some moms are single, some are married, some are widowed, some are divorced. Some moms are impeccably dressed and coiffed, some wear yoga pants and tees every day. Some are fat, some are thin, some are short, some are tall. Some moms are geniuses – most moms are not. Some moms are healthy, some moms are very ill.
Most moms are somewhere in-between.
No mom is perfect.
Today, on Mother’s Day, I thank my own mom for being there for me and my brothers. She is a caring, nurturing, firm, supportive, generous woman, and always was. She taught me that education is important, as is family. She’s a thinker, creative, and  passionate. I adore her, and my kids are crazy about her. She helped build my foundation of what motherhood and family is. Thanks, Mom!!
I know I’m not a perfect mom. My kids tell me I’m the best mom ever, and while I know that’s not true, perhaps I’m just the best mom FOR THEM. That we are, in fact, perfect for each other.

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  1. Thanks for the tribute, sweetie! I hope you know I think you’re an amazing mother and I admire you for all you do for your kids, me and everyone in the family. You’re the best.

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