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Facebook status bullies

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What is it with facebook status “challenges” anyway?

Whether it’s Mother’s Day photos of your mom, saying you love Jesus, or that you hate cancer, people all over facebook are trying to get me to change my status.

Now, if the status simply said, “Hey everyone! It’s Mother’s Day! Let’s put a pic of Mom in your profile!” I’d be more open to the idea. It’s the whole implication that if you DON’T put your mom’s picture up then you clearly don’t love her as much as those that do.

Some of my favorites:

“I love Jesus! He is our Savior! If you love Jesus and aren’t afraid to shout it from the rooftops, repost this as your status for a day! 99% of my friends won’t repost this as their status, will you?”

or “I hate cancer. My wish is that it will be cured in 2011. 99% of my friends won’t repost this. Will you?”

“It’s daughter/son/spouse/bff week! Post a picture and copy and paste this status if you love your daughter/son/spouse/bff!”

My question is this.

Will posting a status eradicate cancer?

Will it really raise awareness for a cause?

If I don’t post a picture of my son/mother/daughter/spouse/bff does that mean that I don’t love them?

And here’s the other thing. What’s the deal with “99% won’t repost this. Will you?” It’s like a dare. It’s like the poster is challenging you to do it and if you don’t, they’ll unfriend you or something. I mean, seriously? I don’t know. I have a feeling some people re-post the statuses because they want to fit in. Some do it without reading the whole thing; some do it because they like changing their statuses a lot, and some do it because they want people to think they really care about a certain cause, or what have you.

Here’s my challenge, facebookers. How about making your own status? How about taking the good parts of those viral statuses and making it your own? How about leaving out the “I dare you to do it. Prove you’re my friend” part?

Just a thought


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  1. Amen, sister, and MY challenge to Facebook status updaters is: if you really care about someone/something, get off Facebook & actually take some action. Donate. Volunteer. Changing your Facebook status doesn’t accomplish anything. This is a big career field issue for me, and I’m spending a lot of time in classes and the community trying to decipher it – what moves someone from the web model of “philanthropy” which is totally based on cultivating awareness to actually becoming involved with a cause? In fact, Jeff and I were even watching a lecture about this last night, in which the lecturers starting arguing with each other. Fascinating stuff…for me, at least!

  2. I think they are just the FB version of a chain letter. 99% of your friends won’t repost it because it’s a stupid meme. Bleh. I did post a picture of my mom though. 😀

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