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Am I the only one who starts multiple projects before finishing the first? I have several knitting projects that are still in progress that sit, unfinished, waiting for me to pick them up and make them into something pretty, or useful, or comfortable. Some of these I’ve forgotten where I was in the pattern and didn’t mark them, so I’m afraid to get sucked into the whole, “count all the rows and try to figure out where I am” business. It’s so daunting and takes so long.

In the end, I know that once I find where I am, I can get going and I’ll feel so much better when they’re all done. I just need to get me in the place I need to be to hanker down and finish.

Here are a few things I’ve got still on the needles.

The beginnings of a sock for one of the girls.

A scarf I was trying that I decided to scrap, for now.

I was attempting to recreate Hermione Granger's Fingerless gloves

I was attempting to recreate Hermione Granger’s gloves from the last Harry Potter movie.

This was going to be an iphone case. Still might be - not sure.

A scarf I never bothered to finish - it's almost done.

A sock for me - the Sitio Stockings from Vampire Knits

And of course, I’m about ready to start one of these for the girls…

I suppose I ought to start getting to work!

What have you started that you can’t finish?


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  1. I have a really amazing crochet shawl that I’ve started….and, yeah, I may never finish.

  2. your problem is that you have too many sets of needles…therefore, enabling you keep starting new stuff…downsize! i really shouldn’t talk though…i have a kindle cover, a pillow & a sweater in the works~~haha!

  3. I don’t knit, and I haven’t started a crochet project in YEARS, so I don’t have any yarn calling my name. So my answer: My “story”. Granted, it’s complicated why I feel like it can’t be a completely project yet. However, at my current rate it will be a work in progress forever. Oh and unpacking….we’ve only been here 4 months so it’s not the end of the world, but it feels like it may never be done either. LOL

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