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You Look Tired

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These were the words uttered to me as my daughter kissed me goodbye and left for school this morning. It’s also the first thing another mom said to me last week, upon entering the classroom to run our reading group.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me I look tired, my mind translates it to, “Wow. You look like shit. Take a little better care of yourself, will you?” Just like when someone asks you if you’re pregnant (and you’re not), someone might as well be saying, “You’ve gotten fat.”

I admit, I may be a little more sensitive than the average person when it comes to things like this, however.

In general, I’ve got dark circles around my eyes. Even when I was younger I had them, but they’re far more pronounced now that I’m older. Part of it is hereditary, part of it is allergies, and part of it is because I know I don’t get enough sleep or drink enough water.

Because of this, whenever I post pictures of my family, I hesitate to post ones of myself because, well… I look tired. And to me tired = old. And I’m trying to keep up the illusion I have in my head that I still look like a smoking hot 25 year old. (Don’t laugh. Come on. Okay, you can laugh a little.)

So, here’s a picture I didn’t post before because if it were up to me, I’d airbrush it. Instead, I just post pictures of myself with sunglasses on.

Now, I’m curious, though to try a few things. First – if I drink a TON of water and actually get sleep, what will it do? And second – I’ve been told staying away from dairy can make those bags disappear. Let’s experiment. I’ll start with the water and sleep (ha) and if either a) I can’t sleep or b) I see no difference, we’ll try the dairy thing for a bit.  Anyone want to join me?

If not, tell me what comment drives YOU crazy.


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  1. The water and sleep may help a bit, but it also depends on genetics. I have the dark circles and so far have not found anything to really help with them. My mother has them, my Oma had them, etc. I am doomed to forever look tired. Hehehe..:D I just put some “cover up” under the eyes and go about the day.

  2. You know, I’ve tried at least 50 different eye creams and treatments, plus coverups, and nothing really really works amazing. So disappointing.

  3. Oh, we have troops in Iraq?
    I hate that.

  4. I tried going to bed earlier, but found myself waking up around 4 or 5 am. Then I would toss & turn until I fell back asleep or until it was time to get up.

  5. Really, it depends on who is the person telling me I look tired. It’s kind of a rude thing for a random acquaintance to say, right? Says more about them than it does about you IMO. I have bags too, had ’em since I was a child. No they aren’t going away. Sleep is important though so if you think you aren’t getting enough then focus on that. And yes, drink lots of water 🙂

    IBOL GUY: Dude, your snarky comment going to change that? If I promise to do nothing about my baggy eyes will that bring our troops home? Thought not.

  6. I don’t get the Iraq thing.

    But I hate People who are scandalized that I was divorced. It’s like saying, “wow, you don’t look like a slut.”

  7. I hear you! I drink a lot of water when I am at work but I am a big fail at home on the weekends. Couple that with getting up early and I look tired too. I believe it is part of being a mom!

  8. I only get bags when I either haven’t slept or I’ve been crying, so it is a huge tell for me, but I think genuinely people think I’m tired and not that I look like shit. When I look like shit they say nothing at all.

    What I love is when I tell people I have two boys and they look at me all condescendingly and like pat my knee, like out of sympathy. Oh, you poor thing, didn’t get a girl. It is just plain rude and I take it like they think my boys just aren’t “good enough” or something. If I wanted a daughter, I’d adopt one you a-hole.

  9. Hereditary dark circles here. Wear them proudly. It’s a part of you.

  10. If I may critique for a minute…You don’t post enough pictures of yourself smiling.

  11. Tom – you’re right. I should.

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