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I’ve been in a lot of waiting rooms of late. Last week, I saw my general practitioner, and then got blood drawn. This week, I’ve had a mammogram and had an ultrasound on my thyroid. Next week, I get to have something fun called a Fine Needle Aspiration. From what I understand, a doctor will put a very fine needle in my neck to take some cells and do a biopsy.( They use an ultrasound while doing it, I’m guessing so the needle goes where it’s supposed to go.) I have a nodule on my thyroid and I think they just want to rule out anything “bad.” (I’m guessing bad = cancer, but honestly I am not entirely sure. I suppose I should do some research.)

If you know me at all, you know I can be a worrier sometimes. (Don’t laugh, I’m not THAT bad.) Even though most medical tests that are taken end up just fine, with no bad news, there’s always the possibility, which is the part I focus on. I always got nervous when I had to take tests while pregnant, too.  There was always a chance something could happen or be scary.

Luckily, I’ve got a few things to keep me distracted while I wait for these test results, and try not to work myself into a tizzy thinking about a big long needle poking into my neck. First, I have 3 children. They need feeding and bathing and their clothes washed. They need help with homework, and they can get my mind off negative thoughts pretty quickly. With the children comes the house that has to be cleaned, although I’ll be the first to say that this is the lowest thing on my list of to dos. I work in the kids’ classrooms. Every Monday I get to spend 90 minutes in kindergarten, Wednesdays and Fridays I get to spend 1-2 hours in 4th/5th grade, and Thursdays I get to spend an hour in 2nd grade. When I’m in the classroom, I can’t think of anything else but my task at hand and the kids I’m working with.

I also am pursuing a few creative endeavors. I take piano lessons, and acting class. Both allow me to get out of my own head, allow creative expression, and require rehearsing, which is very good for a worrier. I also knit. I used to knit for fun and relaxation. These days I knit toward a goal. Last year all my knitting, save for a few gifts, was for my book. At the moment I’m finishing up 2 projects for someone else’s book, and hopefully will get started on some new designs for an idea I’m hatching.

Lastly, I’m working on eating better and going to the gym. I actually have a membership and today I’m meeting with a personal trainer (after I straighten up the house and rehearse with my scene partner). This has to be good for something. I joined a farmer’s market of sorts through our school, where I get 2 giant bags of fresh produce every other week. I’m doing an extra week this month, because I saw cauliflower and avocados on the list. I have to say my veggie intake is far superior to what it was thanks to CSA. I’ve also eaten veggies I’ve never dared try or prepare, and that’s been kind of fun.

So, though I’m tired of doctors and waiting rooms and tests, I’m thankful that my doctors are proactive. I’m also thankful that I have nothing too serious to worry about. And if I do find myself worrying, I’ve got a list of things to start doing to feel less anxious, and that’s not too shabby.



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  1. The FNA is performed when the thyroid nodule is greater then 1cm, solid and has blood flow in it. Prior to procedure make sure that the doctor will scan your thyroid using 12 MHz ultrasound to confirm the nodule.Good luck

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