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Free Wheelin’

I’ve been feeling down lately. Not quite myself. It isn’t an every day, every hour sort of thing, but suffice it to say, I’ve had some moments of pure frustration, and a few others of pure sadness, and other times of loneliness. It’s not all the time – some days I’m great – happy, more energetic, more engaged, more relaxed…

It could be my thyroid, or winter, or hormones, or a myriad of other things. I’m trying to find things to help me get out of my own “downness.”  Today, I laced up my roller skates and went outside with the kids. The girls had their skates, Sean had his skateboard, and I had my own wheels.  When the girls decided to take their skates off and run around the backyard, I kept my skates on. I followed them into the backyard and wheeled around – curving around the patio furniture, making figure eights between the planters, the kids toys, and the rocking bench.  I’m not sure how long I was doing it -maybe 30 minutes or so- but it was great! Freeing!

As I zoomed around the patio, narrowly missing the posts holding up the pergola, brushing the lemon tree as I take the curve around the brick planter and making a loop around our patio table, I was free. I was a kid zooming around my neighborhood in my supercool sneaker skates. I was a roller derby queen, dodging the other team and trying not to get slammed into the ground. I was a mom, listening to my laughing children while I got the funnest form of exercise I know.

I highly recommend this, and the next time I find myself in the dumps, I just might pull out my skates and do it again!



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