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My Sweet Girl

Five years ago, we met our third child. For the entire pregnancy, I was pretty convinced she was a girl, though we didn’t get confirmation from an ultrasound. We didn’t want to know.  Having found out gender ahead of time with our son and our daughter, we figured we’d let ourselves be surprised and find out “the old fashioned way” in the delivery room.

Lots of people thought I was having a boy, partially because my family, as well as my husband’s, is boy-heavy. Lots of people thought I was having a boy because I was carrying a certain way.

This is me on Halloween, just a little over a week before she was born.

On November 8, 2005 at just about 2pm, after several failed attempts at giving me an IV (leading to me just about passing out), with the cord wrapped around her neck twice (or was it 3 times? I can’t remember), Madeline Claire Miller was born.  Something we noticed within her first day of life is that she has the ability to scream at such a high pitch you think something is terribly wrong. This was one of her signatures.  Our other children certainly didn’t make THAT sound. In fact, we’d never heard quite that noise come out of anyone’s mouth, let alone a tiny baby.  She still makes a high-pitched screeching sound every now and then just to make sure you don’t forget.

Maddie was welcomed by her brother and sister with open arms. Despite a rocky start with Mommy in the hospital for awhile and having to stay with Grammy and Grampy, she thrived. She was very adaptable, and for that I am thankful.

Quickly we realized she was a pretty easygoing baby, though as she got older, she realized she needed a voice to be heard over her siblings, and she delivered.  Not only can she hold her own with the two of them, sometimes she downright bosses them around.

She is loving and sweet, but independent and strong. She is wickedly smart and observant, and gets jokes that are older than her years. She remembers almost everything, and has learned to draw by watching her sister. She can play Star Wars with the boys and Princesses with the girls, thanks to Sean and Grace.

When she was not quite two, we went shopping for a present for a friend’s birthday. At the store, she fell in love with a stuffed Curious George monkey. She carried him all around the store until I told her we have to go and she has to leave him.  I told her maybe we could get him for her birthday. 3 weeks later, when her birthday came, she said, “Now we can get my monkey.”  Flabbergsted she remembered (and I didn’t), I set off on a quest to find the monkey (because of course, the store we found him at was out).  Luckily I did find one, and she loved him. She said “He’s name is George Washington.”

Maddie with George Washington on her second birthday.

She is my little buddy. She tells me, “Mama, you’re the BEST!” which of course makes my whole day and always perks me up if I get down in the dumps. She still crawls into bed with us – sometimes in the morning right before it’s time to get up – and I treasure those cuddly moments, as I know they’re numbered.

There are more stories about Maddie than I have time to tell.  She is a little spark, and I’m so lucky I get to be her Mama.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


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  1. Such a sweet post. You had me in tears.

  2. Lovely story, Gen. And thanks for reminding me to treasure those cuddles riiiiiiiiight before I really want to be awake. I’ve not been so excited about those morning wake-ups as of late. So I’m off to get a snuggle now …

  3. I love those pictures! Look how young Sean looks. I don’t know if I could have survived a third child. All the ones I know are *very* headstrong; they have to be just to survive! (Of course, I am a third child. Hmmm…)

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