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What a long, strange, trip

2 years ago, I responded to a thread on Ravelry. The thread was titled, “You know you’ve been reading too much Twilight when…” My answer was, “When you spend time thinking about what knit items you could possibly design for a Twilight Knits book (much like the Charmed Knits for Harry Potter) and you’ve never designed anything in your life.”

And that’s how it started.  I started a group, brainstormed with people, and got to work.  That was August 14, 2008. In April of 2009 I found an agent. Or she found me.  Or maybe we found each other. I signed with her the same day my grandpa died.

We put together the proposal and sent it out to publishers. Potter Craft said, “Let’s do this!” only it was slightly altered to be a Vampire book rather than strictly a Twilight book. While at first I was a bit thrown, as were my designers, we quickly set to work on new designs. I signed with Potter Craft/Random House/Crown Publishers the weekend of my birthday.

Winter 2010 it was finished. Lots of blood, sweat, and a few tears were involved. My designers put up with a lot of nudging and a lot of me checking in constantly. My husband and children put up with a lot of Mommy knitting, working on the computer, and being a basket case. During this time I was struggling with all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, not realizing there was something actually wrong with me other than just being tired, depressed,  forgetting things, and more. Somehow through it all, it got done. Some days I thought I was barely hanging in there, but it got done!

In March, the photo shoots for the book happened.  In April, I got the first draft of the book to edit. Getting close! In May I saw the official cover! In June, the book got some attention at TNNA. In July, it got some attention at Comic Con.

Today, I got a package.  In a way, it was a bit unexpected.  I thought I might get the book last week, and was anticipating it – and driving my twitter friends crazy! I gave up on it after the weekend came and went.  So imagine my surprise when  I came home to find an envelope on my front porch.

Yeah, it’s a pretty goofy picture, but I’m okay with it.  I’m excited!

It’s going to be very very hard not to bring this wherever I go from now until September 14th!

To everyone who’s helped with the book, or simply listened to me blather on about it – THANK YOU!!!


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  1. Blather on, Mama! And btw you’d BETTER bring it everywhere you go! I’m supposed to see you tomorrow and you can bet your cute boot-ay that I’m expecting to see THE book!

  2. This is very thrilling! I’m so excited for you!

  3. I am so proud of you Gen!!!!!! Very exciting stuff.

  4. I love this story!!

  5. i love that picture!

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