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My computer just slapped me in the face

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I had a whole big long post I was ALMOST DONE WITH, and the computer ATE IT.  Gobbled it up and swallowed it in one chunk.


I suppose maybe it was the universe trying to keep me from getting more people mad at me.

However, in other news…

The Book is ready to go!  I don’t know exactly what happens next in the process.  I can only assume it’s going off to be printed somewhere.  I just saw the final and it looks amazing!  As soon as I get the “okay” I’ll post a peek here!!

In the meantime, I was looking around these interwebs and found this : My title in Jolly Old England!  How’d’ya like that, chappy?

And holy wow – INDIA!

I don’t know how I feel about this one.

I could do this all day! People are finding us!! Look!

Seriously – wow!

Alright.  Back to the grind.  Gotta feed these folks.

I will say that I am in an infinitely better mood than I was when I started my original post.  Finding the book in so many places made me happy, and excited, instead of sad and angry and confused like I’ve been most of this week.


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