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Can’t trust that day…

Actually, today was not a bad day.  In the scope of days that I’ve had over the last several months, today was not bad.

Backing up a bit, I am on week 3 of taking the Synthroid.  The first week, I felt great!  Kind of jittery, but energetic and MUCH happier.  I also felt like the scale was moving in the right direction.  Last week, despite exercising 4 days, the scale didn’t move down, in fact, it may have inched up.  Secondly, I was down.  Despite having the kids home and doing some really fun stuff, I had some REALLY down moments.  This week, I’m trying to keep the exercise up, if not jack it up, and take more steps to help the metabolism get going.  (I realize that staying up and blogging is counterproductive to this, but I shall be in bed soon.)

I will say that I’m not an incredibly patient person, and not seeing immediate results is disappointing.  When I got my diagnosis, part of me thought, “Thank goodness!  I’ll start taking the meds and the weight will drop off, I’ll start feeling better, and life will be great!”  and after the first week, I thought that’s where we were going…  so last week really felt like a roadblock.  After talking with some friends who suffer the same affliction, I’ve been convinced to give the meds more time to even out, and for my body to adjust.  Fingers crossed that it starts happening soon.

I do feel a bit like a medicine chest lately, or a senior citizen who has one of those pill boxes with the days of the week on it.  I’m now taking 3 different pills, 2 sniffs of a nasal spray, and trying to remember vitamins when I can.  I imagine all the meds having a little party inside my body, but I’m also hoping they don’t beat the crap out of each other.

Changing gears a bit, there is some fun up ahead.  Next Monday I’m supposed to go see a taping of “Dancing with the Stars” and of course am hoping to get a good up close view of my favorite dancers.  I have to find something fancy to wear so we can sit near the front!  Hahahahaha!

Also, I saw the cover of the book.  It’s very cool, although, not very Vampish…  I’m trusting the publishers.  (fingers crossed)

Alright.  I’m hitting the sheets.  I am exhausted.  Hope everyone has a GREAT week.


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  1. oh, how i get it re:becoming the walking pharmacy.

    i just read food rules, the companion book to the documentary food, inc. both are excellent, fyi. one of the nuggets still flying around my brain from it is to eat like a person who takes supplements, but not to actually take them.

    the author goes on to explain that people who are inclined to take supplements are also the type who will go out of their way to seek out healthy, nutritious foods, therefore generally overcoming their actual need for supplements (except, of course, for people with genuine vitamin-specific deficiencies).

    i can send you my copies if you like. (but they’re sooo worth snagging your own!)

    i hope you’re feeling better soon. i get it, i really, really get it, and am here to talk anytime. miss you. love you! xo

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