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Love, love, love…

Don’t worry.  This post isn’t mushy.  It isn’t about romantic love.  It’s more internet love.

My brother, Matt, and his lovely wife, Tere, are both very talented and very artistic.  Matt has a site with his poster designs on it.  You can order the prints.  They’re very very cool.  Go here. They’re mostly rock posters, but not all of them.  Go to page 2… those are my favorite, but I like things that are “cute.”  🙂

He’s also designed websites.  Look!  He’s crazy talented, and I’m lucky enough to be his sister.  He’s helping me with something for the book that I couldn’t do on my own.  Not to mention, he’s got a band…  The Senate Arcade.

Then there’s Tere, who’s got a website where she makes handmade wedding invitations on letter press.  Go here.  Gorgeous stuff!  She did my cousin Jay’s wedding invites, as well as my brother Jeff’s.  I almost wish I could get married again for the invitations!  Of course, she does not only wedding invitations, but birth announcements and party invites, as well.

While we’re giving out love, since I haven’t been too consistent with the blog lately, I’m going to share my newest sister-in-law’s website, too.  Candice is establishing her career as a photographer.  Go here to check out her stuff!  She contributes a lot of photos to Treblezine, if you remember.  She’s hopefully going to take my portrait for the book jacket (jacket?  Actually, I have no idea if it will be hardback or paperback, so I shouldn’t speculate.) or whathaveyou.

So, these 3 websites should keep you busy for a bit, if you’re looking for new places on the web to hang out.

Edited to add some photos of the sibs.

Matt & Tere.

Matt, me, Terry

Jeff & Candice (photo by Spencer Tuck)

Happy Monday!


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