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Sharing Love, part 3

So, today I’m going to point you toward my brothers’ music site.  I have 3 brothers – Terry, Matt, & Jeff.  They’ve all collaborated to bring you Treblezine – as you can read there.  That tells you how it started.  You scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see that Jeff and Terry are the editors and Matt designed the website.  The photo editor is Jeff’s wife, Candice, who’s got a photography site of her own.

Start HERE and work your way through the articles.  I guarantee you’ll come out wanting to listen to something new.  🙂  My brothers are great writers, and they’ve reminded me how very little I get to listen to contemporary music.  As a mom of 3 young children, our listening choices have varied from the Wiggles to John Williams scores.  I admit that sometimes when I browse Treble I feel very lost, in that I haven’t even HEARD a lot of these names before.  Which reminds me… it might be a good time to copy and paste their selections and add a few things to my itunes.

Tomorrow, I’ll be focusing on the artistic duo of my brother Matt and his wife Tere.


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