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Year In Review 2009

At the end of every year, I try to look back on the months we’ve had and reflect, and remember what happened.  Some months are better than others.  Some years are better than others.  I won’t lie.  2009 had its share of disappointments, but it also had it’s high points.

January – January brought some great new friends that I met through Gracie.  Great playdates, coffees, knitting groups, and family outings followed. January brought a new President and a new administration, and hopefully some better years to come.  January also brought Wayne and Sean’s birthdays.  Sean turned 8.  As he inches closer to the double digits, it both breaks my heart a little, and makes it swell a little, because I’m very proud of the kid he is, and the kid he is becoming.

February didn’t bring anything of note that I remember.  I didn’t blog about anything in particular, so it must not have been amazing or terrible.  🙂

March brought Spring and more sunshine, which is always better.  I started back to running and trying to be healthier.  It seems a neverending quest for me, and for most people probably.  My grandparents had been getting worse – my grandfather progressively worse every day, it seemed.  My grandmother was hanging in there and being incredibly strong to help take care of him, but she had Leukemia, too, and was constantly having transfusions of blood and platelets, and it all had to be specially “washed” and she had to take medication ahead of time so she wouldn’t react badly to them.

April put my grandfather in the hospital.  April brought out the best in people who offered to take my kids if I needed to head down to visit.  Being up here with a husband on a business trip while people I love need help and support was tough, but not as tough as any of this was on my mother, who took care of not one, but 2 dying parents simultaneously.  2 dying parents who had 2 seperate but terrible diseases killing them day by day.  April also brought a much needed, fabulous girls’ weekend to Las Vegas, where 5 busy moms got to just enjoy each other, and have fun.  It also brought Easter, and the promise of New Life and new beginnings and hope.  For the first time in years, we didn’t spend it with family, since my grandparents were too sick and my mom was plain exhausted, so we spent it with friends.  Despite missing family, it was lovely.

May brought a bit of a surprise to me in getting contacted by a literary agent about the knitting project we were putting together – an event that shaped much of the remaining months of the year for me.  May brought school functions, Open Houses, movies with friends, piano recitals for the kids, and what would prove to be my grandfathers last birthday on earth.

June was by far the worst month of the year.  It actually started out lovely, with a trip to Disneyland to celebrate my sweet Gracie’s 6th birthday with some terrific friends.  I also started taking piano lessons again, after years and years of none.  After that, however, it went downhill.  My sister-in-law (well, technically my brother’s wife’s sister) learned that her cancer came back, and she was going to have to start fighting all over again.  We also said goodbye to my grandparents, who died within 4 days of each other.  A double funeral is something you don’t see every day in a situation like this, and it was very very difficult.  While we were relieved on some level that they were no longer suffering, it was still hard to say goodbye, knowing I’d never hear my grandfather sing another note, or hear my grandmother’s infectious laugh again.  At the end of June came one last goodbye to the friends we made in January, as they moved across the country.  Though we were only “together” for 6 months or so, I know that they are lifelong friends.

July brought some respite from the sadness with a family vacation and some good “get away” time.  I broke my toe the day before we left, as only I can do, but mostly we were able to have a good time.  We even made the long trek to Forks, WA for some Twilighty goodness and some photographs to possibly use for the book.  We spent time with family and saw sights we’d never seen (and some we had) and just got to enjoy being away for awhile.  Oh!  And how could I forget?  It brought the 6th installment of the Harry Potter films, which I thought was truly one of the best ones they’ve made.  If you know me at all, you know Harry holds a very special place in my heart.

August brought the end of our vacation, but not before I got my first tattoo.  (Yes, I said my first.  Some day I might get another one, but for now, one will do.)  August also brought the wedding of two very dear friends, and our own 12th wedding anniversary. ❤

September came and with it, the first days of school for all 3 kids.  They all had a brilliant start to a new year, and so far, so good.  We went to the Hollywood Bowl a few times, and I got offered a book deal.  Kind of crazy.

October gave us Gracie’s first lost tooth, and Halloween.  Lots of silliness and celebration.

November brought my 4oth birthday and the wedding of my brother Jeff and his fiancee (now wife of course) Candice, as well as Maddie’s 4th birthday.  All happened in the span of 3 days, and a fantastic, fun-filled weekend in San Diego with family.

December brought holiday programs for all 3 kids, holiday parties, and Christmas.  It brought happiness with family and the kids, and sadness in missing some people that aren’t here anymore.

2010 is just around the corner.  January will bring the end to my project, birthdays for Wayne and Sean, and a host of other things, I’m sure.  Hopefully in 2010 we’ll see my name on a bookshelf somewhere.  Hopefully we’ll be healthier, happier, and maybe even a little nicer to each other.  Here’s to hope.



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  1. {hugs} Hope 2010 has less sadness and far more happiness!

  2. You had quite a year, Gen. I hope that 2010 is happier, although I think you managed to eek out a fair amount of amazing things in 09. Good luck with the book! I, too, hope to see your name on bookstore shelves.

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