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I’m going to be a shameless attention whore right now.  I posted a few months ago about starting to take piano lessons again, after not playing since I was about 11.  Since I’m too old to have a piano recital, and because I want to prove that I’m actually learning something, I’m posting the first “real” song I’m learning.

Keep in mind, it’s rough.  Don’t expect brilliance on ANY level.


I feel dirty.


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  1. Good Job. However, because of your product placement I really want a Henry Weinhard root beer. Also, I think a cool theme for a party would be “talent show/recital” so that we can all show off accomplishments.

  2. I want a rootbeer too!!!! I also think you are never too old for a recital. You should have one. 🙂

  3. Bravo! Awesome!!! Great posture, too.

  4. I would like a root beer please. 🙂

    Loved the piece Gen. You play beautifully.

  5. Very good G! I’m impressed! The Conservatory has their adults students play in recitals!

  6. Melanie Harrison

    I loved it, thanks for sharing! I’m hardly an expert, but it sounds great!

    This song always reminds me of rocking Reid as a baby, it was on the classical CD I played in his room. So thanks for the trip down memory lane. ❤

  7. This is great! You should try to post a video once a month or so, to keep you accountable on making progress.

    I’ve been wanting to take lessons for years (I, too, haven’t played since childhood). Do you recommend your teacher?

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