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Well, what did you expect?

So, yesterday, when I went to school to pick up the kids, a dad from one of the classes made a beeline to me and said, “Wayne is SO funny!” I was caught off guard. I’d never seen this guy before, and the look on my face must have given me away. “Wayne!” he said. “He is SO funny and sarcastic, I love it! Are you just laughing all the time?”

“Uh, no.” I said.

“Don’t you think he’s funny?” he asked, incredulous.

“I have to live with him.” I said. I was being a bit facetious.

He looked like he just couldn’t believe that I didn’t think my husband is the funniest thing ever. I had to admit. His humor was one of the things that drew me to him 14 years ago, and I told this guy the same. I also told him that we actually met in a comedy writing class. That stopped him in his tracks.

“Really? GET out!” He said. Then he looked at me, as if he was trying to somehow glean information about me just by staring at me. “Then, you’re funny, too?”

I smiled, sarcastically. “It’s hard to be funny when you’re so tired.”

His face got serious, and he said something about how I have my hands full. We wrapped up the conversation and he threatened me that he would tell Wayne I thought he wasn’t funny. Of course, I told Wayne the minute I got home (he was working at home yesterday) and he laughed.

I asked him what he did or said that had this guy loving him so much. Don’t get me wrong. I find Wayne to be charming and funny much of the time, but usually when he’s in a school situation, he’s pretty down-to-business. He usually drops the kids off and doesn’t make much conversation with people. At least he didn’t last year.

He relayed a story to me that started with this man saying to him, “I didn’t see you at Back to School Night. And I didn’t see anyone that I thought could have been your wife.” Hmmm… that was interesting. I wonder what he imagined as Wayne’s wife? Someone stylish? Someone funny? Someone tall? Someone with alabaster skin, deep blue eyes, and gorgeous flaxen hair like my daughter? Someone who dresses professionally?

Well, I don’t think he expected me. My usual afterschool uniform is tee shirts, jeans, and chucks. Sometimes I mix it up and wear clogs or capris and sandals… hell every now and then I even wear a skirt. But not often. Not for picking up the kids. Wayne, however, drops the kids off on his way to work, so inevitably he is far more dressed up than I am. He’s also always told he’s young looking, and when I look in the mirror all I see is a tired old lady. Probably not what he expected.

In fact, looking back, his first words to me weren’t “Your husband is so funny.” It was “Wayne is so funny.” which indicates the possibility of him not thinking we were spouses.

I wonder what people who’ve only met me and not my husband would expect to see upon meeting him for the first time? You know, there are those couples that just “fit” together. You see them together and think, “Of course. They totally fit together.” Then there are those couples that have you shaking your head. “What on EARTH do these two have in common?” “How’d he end up with her?” or “How’d she end up with him?”

I’ll never know what this guy was expecting to see in Wayne’s wife, and it’s probably for the best. We think we fit together pretty well, and that’s what matters.


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