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I think I’ve been watching too many crime dramas

This morning, I got up at 6am and walked to the grocery. I had to get a few things for lunches and the preschool emergency pack, due today. It was still mostly dark when I left the house, and I had my earphones in. As I grabbed my grocery club card and my debit card, I asked my husband, “If I’m murdered, will my atm card be enough to identify me?”

Him: What?

Me: If I get murdered, will my atm card be enough to identify me?

Him: I doubt it. But they can identify you by tissue samples and stuff.

Me: Hmm… okay! I’ll be back.

Him: Don’t get murdered.

I honestly don’t think about getting murdered on a daily basis. Really. But, I watch Law & Order and Criminal Minds, and as I left, in the dark, it just sort of flashed through my head. And, if I was kidnapped, and my atm card dropped on the sidewalk, would someone find it as evidence?

I also wondered, “What if I died? Who would tell my friends? How would the news get around? Would people notice I was silent from facebook for awhile?” My husband isn’t the type to just post things like that. I don’t know that he would be thinking that he needed to call our friends in the Midwest or the East Coast. Would I remember to tell everyone if he died? What a horrible thing to think, right?

I guess, though, I kind of have death on the brain. Last week, my husband and I met with a lawyer and drew up a living will/trust. Not because we have a lot of money, but because we have 3 kids. And if anything happened to both of us, the very last thing I would want is for my kids to get into the system, and have to go to court in order for my family members to be able to take care of them. That meeting with the lawyer was a bit of a downer. Not because of him, but because thinking of the possibility of leaving your children with no parents is just crushing.

So, for now, I’ll be as careful as I can be. I’ll drive safely, I’ll avoid dangerous activities, and I’ll do what I can to try not to get murdered.


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  1. Arden and I still haven’t done that. We’ve talked over the “what ifs”. Mostly our plan is that we just can’t die.

  2. Have done the living wills a well and it is a wake up call!! Yes, please try not to get murdered….would miss you 🙂

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