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Well, yesterday we came home after being away for 13 days.  It doesn’t seem like much, but it was plenty.  Just the right amount of time, actually.  We got to see Shakespeare plays, walk in beautiful stream filled parks, went deep in a cave, saw parts of Oregon and Washington we’ve never seen, hiked in a rainforest, took pictures for the book I’m working on, visited with 2 of my brothers and my sister-in-law and parents, rode a ferry, saw the Locks in Seattle, had some good food, and I even got a tattoo.

3 days in Ashland, 1 day in Portland, 5 days in Seattle, and almost 4 whole days of driving.

The long days of driving were hard on the kids, I know, but they muddled through it, thanks to some Harry Potter audiobooks, a few videos, and rounds of “I Spy.”

We were originally thinking of coming back by way of Utah and Idaho to see some more of the country, and see the Salt Lake and maybe one of the big parks in Utah (like Zion or Bryce), but ultimately we were tired, and wanted to be home sooner than later.  When my husband found out we could pass by Crater Lake on the way home, it was decided.  Now, getting to Crater Lake was a drive.  It was windy (long I) and slow going most of the time.  Sean complained of carsickness, and we had to stop at THE single scariest bathroom I’ve ever encountered so that the girls could go potty.  As we made our way closer to the lake, we noticed it was very smoky.  Apparently there was a fire about 30 miles away, but the smoke had all blown into the forest and the lake.  Here’s what we saw:


It was a bummer not to really see the lake, and only see smoke, but it was still pretty.  We visited the Lodge to see if there was a slight chance we could stay there (there wasn’t) and shopped at the shop (too cute) and headed out.  Stayed in Klamath and drove 12 hours home the next day.

There are so many parts of the U.S. that we haven’t seen that I’d love to visit.  After doing Oregon for several visits now, and think that maybe we’ll do something different next time.  Perhaps Utah.  Maybe Colorado, or even Texas.  At some point, we’ll head East, since we’ve never been there, and now have friends there.  At some point, too, we’ll go to Florida…  at any rate, we’ve decided there’s so much to see, we’d like to really see it.  But for now, we’re enjoying being back home.

The kids are having a blast being home, having a puppet show, and I went for a walk this morning, seeing my neighborhood as if for the first time… and really enjoyed it.


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  1. Don’t you love how going away gives you the bug to keep travelling and seeing more of the world? We find that every time!

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