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Ain’t that a kick in the head!

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I have a pretty good life. I know that. I’ve got a great husband, 3 fantastic kids I get to stay home with, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and wonderful family and friends. I am healthy, for the most part, as are my children and husband. We don’t have much to worry or complain about. I know that other people have far worse things to worry about and to face in their lives.

However, there’s one thing that has been plaguing me for years. Headaches. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had headaches. Almost every day. I went to a specialist about 11 years ago, when I just couldn’t take it anymore. This time around, I decided to see an alternative practitioner to see if there was something we could do naturally or holistically that would do the trick. For awhile, the fish oils and calcium she was giving me seemed to help. However, last night, I had a very, very bad headache. All over the head. Worse than it’s been in a while. After dinner, the headache changed, and I started feeling horrible, sharp, stabbing pains in the right side of my head, like I was being stabbed with something sharp. It was very painful, and pretty much had me on the couch for hours. I didn’t even feel up to putting the kids to bed.

I asked my husband to google “Stabbing pain on the right side of the head” and he came up with – ice pick headaches. It sounds right, only it went on for hours, and it DID accompany another headache.

I went to bed and woke up and took a walk. I still have a headache, but at least it’s not stabbing again. Am starting to think I need to see a headache specialist again, so I’m looking all over for that. Of course, sitting in front of the computer for hours looking up doctors and headache information doesn’t seem to be helpful in getting rid of the pain. It’s like the old chicken/egg problem.


Wish me luck!


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  1. Oh, Geb. I so wish you could get some relief. I am all babyish over getting a headache every now and then – in no way can I imagine living with them daily. You deserve some peace! ((Hugs))

  2. Headaches aren’t a joke. Do go back to a specialist. I have suffered from serious headaches and migraines since I was 15, and it can be genetic. Both my parents too had issues with it, my dad used to get cluster headaches that every few years would come in droves and put him in the hospital for a few days.
    Sometimes it can be a sign of something else, so it’s good to be safe, but sometimes it’s just a condition on to itself. People don’t realize how bad it can be and how much disruption it can cause. They may not be able to “fix” it, but they may be able to get you on something to help with it so they aren’t as frequent to severe.

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