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Teaching an old dog new tricks

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“Who’s the DOG in this scenario?  Am I the DOG?  Am I the dog, Harry?”

Yes.  In fact, I am the dog in this scenario.  At 39 years old, I am re-learning how to play the piano.   Why?  Well, why NOT?  I took piano lessons from 4th – 6th grade.  (At least that’s what I remember.  I don’t think I’m wrong, because no one’s ever corrected me, but I suppose I could have the grades wrong.)  Either way, we stopped for several reasons, the biggest one being that we moved 60 miles away from our teacher and just never found a new one.  (Another one was that I wasn’t very good at remembering to practice, but I digress.)

For years I’ve lamented not continuing with my lessons.  “If only I’d stuck with it, I’d be SO GOOD by now!”  At least, that’s what I tell myself.  Well, we’ve “inherited” my parents piano.  Why?  Well, they were getting rid of it, and I wanted to play it, and my musician brothers didn’t want it, so voila!  And I’ve been tooling around with it for a few years, but nothing “serious”… I have a good ear for music, and can figure out some songs by “ear” as you’d say, but I wanted to PLAY.

Also, for the past 2 years my son has been taking lessons, and my 6 year old daughter has been playing for the past 10 months.  So, with some nudging (or bludgering) from my husband, I’ve started taking lessons from my kids’ teacher.  I’ve had one lesson so far, and we basically went page by page and I was reacquainted with notes, terms, and general piano “stuff” lol.  She says we’ll keep going through the book until something challenges me.  I’ll keep you posted!  Don’t look for me to be playing any grand concerts any time soon, but who knows?  Next year I may just make an appearance at the usually all-kids recital.  😉

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