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Like my new shirt? It’s made of Updog…

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so, What’s Up, Dawg?  Ugh.  Well, a lot, and not much all at the same time, I suppose.

First, I’m working on a book.  I think I’ve mentioned it to some people, but not all.  It’s a book of knitting patterns inspired by a series of books.  I’ve got several designers on board, and am working toward getting it published.  It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.  I’ve got people coming out of the woodwork (people that I don’t even KNOW) giving me unsolicited, and mostly bunk advice.  I’ve got a few friends who are either a) in the book publishing process or b) have worked in publishing or c) are self-published authors, so I hope that between the lot of them, I can get some good advice as to what happens next!  Keep your fingers crossed!!

Secondly, the school year is wrapping up!  I can hardly believe it.  Honestly, in some respects it feels like the kids JUST started school.  In reality, they’ve come such a long way since September!  Sean, who hated his class in the beginning, was switched to another class and is thriving.  He’s got great friends, and a great teacher, and is doing really well!  Gracie started kindergarten EXHAUSTED at the end of each day, and trying to make friends with a little girl who just wasn’t very nice to her.  Now, not only does she play with almost everyone, she has made two very good friends in twins, and our families have embraced.  She’ll be ready for first grade with no problems!  And Maddie, who was gung-ho for preschool became shy and scared when school started.  Now, she has also found friends, and doesn’t even need me to stay with her at circle time!  She finds her friends and says, “Bye Mama!”  🙂

The end of the year brings last minute projects, a piano recital for Sean and Gracie, 2 Open Houses, a kindergarten program, and Gracie’s birthday.  We’ll be signing up for swim lessons, and maybe even gymnastics and art classes.  I will love having the kids home, but I will also go nutty if they don’t have anything to do.  I learned that last year!

Well, not much else.  Tonight is the first Open House.  I have my ladies night and need to make a cake for it.  (YUM)  Tomorrow we have pancakes at the firehouse, and maybe a train ride to Olvera street.  Sunday might be the Renaissance Faire (or not).  Next week is school as usual, and then Sunday *hopefully* we’ll be seeing “Flight of the Conchords” at the Greek Theater.  Somewhere in there the husband wants to see “Star Trek” and I’d like to see “Wolverine” so…  that’s it!

Happy Friday!  Happy Weekend!


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  1. Good luck with the book! And, isn’t it amazing how much growth there is in one school year?! I am stunned.

    It sounds like you have lots of happy things lined up, and I feel lucky to be a part of them!

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