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For the best

You know when something doesn’t happen the way you want it to, someone always says, “It’s probably for the best.”?  Well, today, it’s true.

Today was the First Annual Pasadena Marathon.  About 4 months ago, I signed up for the 5k.  I started the “Couch to 5k” running program using a series of podcasts.  I had gotten pretty far into it.  Out of 9 weeks, I think I got to 6 or 7.  Then school started and I just had a much harder time finding the time to run.

Well, 2 weeks ago I realized time was running out, so I tried to do at least what I could, and I’d walk whatever I had to.  As long as I did my best, that’s all that would matter.

Friday I went to dinner at a friend’s house.  After dinner, I started to feel my allergies.  Itchy throat, itchy ears, sneezing uncontrollably.  I finally left, far earlier than I wanted to, because I didn’t have medicine with me.  I was up for 2.5 more hours being miserable.  Yesterday I woke up feeling like my lungs and chest were full of cotton, and breathing was difficult.  I was nervous about race day, but went to get my bib and tee shirt at least.

Well, last night we got an email saying that the race might be cancelled.  There are fires all over Southern California, and the air is getting pretty gross.  They said they’d send an email by 4am to let us know the status.

At 4:30 I got up and checked email.  I must say I was very relieved to read that it was cancelled.  I know that even without the smoke, I’d be having real breathing issues.

Hopefully they’ll reschedule.  Hopefully it’ll be in enough time that I can get some more training in, but if not, I’ll do what I planned… to do my best.


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